Eugene Tanski seems to have been born an artist. By the time he was fourteen, his work possessed a strong, singular voice and displayed deep spiritual qualities. Today his photography, woodturnings, sculpture and woodblock prints have been seen in galleries and art shows worldwide. Gene lives and works in Loveland, Colorado.


    As a child, Gene was confined to a bed for two years with polio. He learned how to fight for the things he believed in, overcoming his afflictions. As a surgeon, he created a clinic that his peers said could not be done. It was built – successfully. As an artist, Gene “walks his own …


    Gene became a world-renowned plastic surgeon, possessing the ability to see the potential beauty in all things. He was one of the first plastic surgeons in the world to establish a freestanding surgical clinic and one of the first to integrate photography and video into his practice – a technique that’s standard procedure today.


    Gene is best known for his creativity and his interdisciplinary art, especially for his wood, bronze and stone sculptures. Now at the peak of his narrative and technical expertise, Gene’s artwork is the full expression of his world – a world of broad experience, deep intellectual insights and profound spirituality.